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Zen meditation for everyone

Ten Steps to “Zen” (Samatha Vipassyana) meditation:
For peace between ALL people
(Adapted from Zhi Yi’s writings, on Mt. Tiantai, 560-580)

– never harm, or say bad things about anyone;
– Purify the five sense (ears, eyes, nose, taste, touch) of “me only” feelings;
– Purify the heart of “me only” desires, and the mind of all images;
– Harmonize breathing, eating, sleeping, and daily living by “centering;”
(i.e., be focused on Transcendent” presence within)
– The joy of “Stop-samatha” “Look-vipassyana” prayer is overwhelming:
– stop all judging; to look at others with compassion;
– A true spiritual path overflows with love & compassion;
– Discern “good,” and “bad” spirits, to heal them;
– True love/compassion really does heal others;
– Follow any and all spiritual paths that teach compassion.

5 thoughts on “Zen meditation for everyone

  1. Thanks for sharing this (and your other posts), Dr. Saso. They are a good reminder as to what we should focus on with Dharmic practice.

    1. Thank you Al ! Great to hear from you. Many blessings and great inner peace for the coming year!

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  3. 升值 诗 (Appreciation Phrase ): A wise person gives longevity, strength, encouragement and knowledge. A wise person gives happiness, you too then enjoy happiness. One who gives longevity, strength, knowledge, encouragement and happiness, shall live a long life and be honored wherever he may be. Om Loka Loka Karaya Svaha!

    My tribute to you and this great post to remind us the essentials to living a happy balanced life.

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