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  1. This a excellent translation of Master Sramana Zhi I (538-597CE) text “Xiu Zhi Guan Zuo Chan Fa Yao”. It is written in easy English and with useful applications to aid one on the right path of Chan/Zen Cultivation. The bonus here it is written by a Master level teacher with hands on experience in the field. I have utilized this text with beginners and have found them to excel rapidly with this version. I recommend it highly to anyone; my rating is A++++. Thanks Dr. Saso for giving us this gift!


  2. thank you for your e-mail, I shall have them mailed to you without payment, please give me an address again, maybe we can work the postage out later.

  3. The Gold Pavilion

    This book is such a excellent book that I recommend it to anyone wanting to read a book for the Practitioner of Tao Meditation. The Gold Pavilion Classic is one those books in English that is way above the others by far. Highly recommended, I have been practicing East Asian Traditions since 1983, and wouldn’t feel right if I did not comment when I saw this. Most text these days are pretty incomplete but this book is packed with authentic knowledge and practice. Dr. Saso Lineage is authentic and credible, and PROVABLE. Thanks for writing all the books, papers and videos for so many years. You have made a difference in so many lives.


  4. Dear Dr Saso,

    Do you sell The Gold Pavilion through your website?

    Thank you


    1. yes, we can order reprints of it, from Oraclebonespress, the cost of the actual printing is the only charge, no profit is ever supposed to be made from learning or teaching about the Dao. I will ask the press to print some, and put them on the wordpress book store site.

  5. Thank you very much. I apologize, I’m not very computer savvy, but what is “the wordpress book store site”? I searched but could only find info on what looks like software to start a blog.

  6. Thank you for your query, Dave, the “bookstore” is a title created by my daughter Theresa, who made and managed the website until this past summer, she is now in Bali, will come back briefly soon; the title was created as a way to make these books available for inner cultivation as well as research, without taking a profit, ie cost only. The “Gold Pavilion” is being xeroxed, will be in the mail hopefully later in the week, I will let you know what the copying and posting costs, am grateful for your interest. I gave the name “gold pavilion” instead of “Yellow Court” to this English paraphrase of the obscure Chinese text, due to the fact that the 5 colors each have a “happy-healing” as well as a “sad-illness” aspect’ this dull yellow means ulcers, bright gold yellow means healing; bright green is spring growth, dull green is illness, etc., in the oral (not the written) Daoist tradition.

  7. Thank you for your kind and enlightening reply. I wonder, does it help to visualize colors to help healing? For example if I have issues with my lungs would it help to visualize a certain color around them in order to help the healing?

  8. Do you have the full Chinese texts of “Daojiao Mijue Jicheng”(道教秘诀集成) ? How much will it costs? Do you have any other Chines texts? e.g. like “3 mountain Drop of Blood Alliance,” 三山滴血派? Thank-you.

    1. thank you for your query and request, Andrew. The Daojiao Mijue Jicheng 道教秘訣集成 will soon be ready in cd form, and can be mailed easily, we have not set a price yet, but whenever Daoist mijue teachings are passed on, it is forbidden to take anything over the cost and mailing, also, re-selling them is a strictly prohibited, we must provide a legal copyright so as to avoid Taiwan and Mainland presses from re-publishing them for gross profit, “Dao for Dollars.” Unfortunately Daoist protocol keeps most of the truly important Qingwei, Beidou, and Mengwei documents out of circulation, since they are not supposed to be sold for profit, used to harm anyone, or aggrandize oneself. Please send me a ground address to mail the cd to, using my regular email,

  9. Hmm… I tried purchasing books here but the application says it does not ship to my location in Oakland, CA so I cannot choose a shipping method.

    1. I am not sure why it responded thus, again, best use my yahoo email, easier to ship from there, only cost is the sale price, ( $5 ) and shipping, about $4.90 by express mail, for 3 books,

      1. sorry about the response from wordpress, I will look into it, and try to correct it.

  10. Hello,

    I wanted to get a copy of Zen for Everyone, but it said that you do not ship to my area. I am in Oakland CA., are there any other shipping options?

    Thank you


    1. Thank you for your comment, I don’t know why the reply came as it did, please send me your address in Oakland, I will mail a copy to you, (the shipping is $4.95 , but don’t worry about the cost, I will cover the maiing). my emais address is

  11. Dear Mr. Saso

    Do you still sell your book “taoism and the rite of cosmic renewal”? it seems its not being sold anymore – not even my amazon – ,but I would like to have it very much.

    my best regards,
    laura condrau

    1. Thank you, Laura, others have asked a out it too, Washington State University said it was going to re-publish it, but has not yet done so. I do have it in print ready form, and will ask to print one for you. Is a CD ok, or a printed form to be mailed better? I originally planned to make a new 2nd edition with a complete index, will try to do this soon.

  12. Dear Michael

    I saw your book “Zen for Everyone…”

    I would like to learn about Zen, can you introduce someone in Tokyo who teaches Zen, so that I can apply it in my prayer as a Catholic.


    Angela Liu

  13. Book Review Daoist Master Zhuang:

    Daoist Master Zhuang details the Oral Tradition of three distinct sect’s of Daoism (Maoshan, Wudangshan, Longshan)a verbatim account through rigorous field work by Dr. Michael Saso Ph.D., that dates back beginning in late 1960’s and updated within the last six years through continued field work research. This 3rd edition has been updated with brand new information contained in several chapters and updated with Modern Pinyin.

    Anyone that is interested in learning about a living Daoist Tradition should read this book and follow Dr. Saso’s work; in which he has written many ground breaking books on these subjects and is a legitimate authority on the traditions. For $26.00 its a bargain by far, much effort went into this 3rd edition, don’t be fooled by the internet marketers and pay Hundreds of dollars for previous editions, this is the definitive updated version.

    I give this book AAA+++ for the simple reason its not a translators scholarly viewpoint of what they believe the Daoist Canon might say. This book details a word for word from record from Daoist Master Zhuang which Dr. Saso has witnessed, trained and has passed on to those whose ears are open to hear; eyes able to see and heart who is able to absorb. Thank You Su Lao Shr!

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