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Mystic, Shaman, Oracle, Priest Update*

**Update** Mystic, Shaman, Oracle, Priest (MYSHOP) is currently being edited for an improved 2nd edition. Mystic, Shaman, Oracle, Priest (MYSHOP) is the result of more than 40 years of field experience and research, teaching, and class notes for a course on Comparative Spirituality, taught for the Religion Department at the University of Hawai’i Manoa. This text is based on personal experience with Daoists in China, Tendai Tantric Buddhist Masters in Kyoto, the Shaman of Imwangsan in Korea, possessed mediums in Taiwan, Piegan medicine practices of the Blackfoot reservation in Montana, the late Hawaiian Kahuna Ed Kealanahele, and Jewish artist/Kabala practitioner Joe Singer. The teachings and practices of these spiritual masters are structurally analyzed and compared with the four steps to the “apophatic union” form of mystic experience taught in the classical works of Ignatius of Loyola and Gregory of Nyssa.Mystic, Shaman, Oracle, Priest

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