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Medicine Buddha Tangkha from the Tohgendo Collection

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3 thoughts on “Medicine Buddha Tangkha from the Tohgendo Collection

  1. This thangka is amazing, thank you! And especially details and fragments shook me much.

  2. I am yet to go through this website.Yet the pictures of Grandmaster Buddha is very meditative…It is very Deep to dive and heavy showering…ENLIGHTENING…


    Mr. Pankaj Kumar Pathak

    1. Yes, it is a very spiritual and moving image of Lord Buddha, with the myloba or healing plant in his hands, showing that it is one of the 8 forms of the healing Buddha, the one which looks most like the original Buddha image; it is from the Dzogchen or “emptiness” (later madhyamika) contemplative tradition, with Longchempa in the upper left corner. It will be featured in my soon to be published “Art as Sacred Encounter” study.

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