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Daoist Thunder & Lightning Meditation 清微五雷法

I hope to return to Hsinchu, Taiwan soon, to meet and talk with young Daoists on a spiritual path. The 道教源流 manual of the 正一詞壇 lists five “pai” 五派 Daoist spiritual practices, with nine grades 九品 in each: Yujing, Tianshu, Beidou, Yufu, Shenxiao 玉景,天樞,北斗,玉府,神霄。The Yufu 玉府九品 grades include a knowledge of dramatic Shenxiao ritual, whereas Beidou, Tianshu, and Yujing rituals (based on inner contemplation) do not allow Daoist masters to use Shenxiao or Lüshan 閭山 “exorcism without inner cultivation” rituals. This is especially true when using leifa 雷法, ie, Yufu and Shenxiao Daoists use Shenxiao style Leifa神霄雷法, whereas all of the Zhengyi Citan Daoists who are grade five and above 五品以上 use only the Qingwei wuleifa 清微五雷法。It is essential for us to explain this in such a way that scholars, foreign and Chinese alike, can understand the profound difference. I will try to come to Hsinchu soon, to meet and discuss this where it is still practiced! It is my strong conviction that Tantric Buddhists in Japan and in Tibet learned wuleifa from Daoists at the end of the Tang dynasty. The zhou咒 and shouyin 手印 are the same for Zhengyi Citan Daoists, and for Tibetan Buddhists. The images and concepts are from East, not South Asia.

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  1. Thanks, Dr Saso, for sharing with us your precious knowledge on Taoism. I am very interested in knowing more about the relantioship between daoist Leifa and Tibetan practices. There is a ritual called 祭禳太歲飭替消災補運科儀 , does it belong to any school of the above mentioned classification system? Best, Bony.

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