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contemplating the lower cinnabar field

All three Daoist “cinnabar fields,” mind, heart, and belly, are connected. The best way to understand their roles in human consciousness is to see the mind and its judgments, as diminishing “Qi” (nourished by no image, no judgement), at which time the upper cinnabar field, ie Pineal gland, gestates healing purple ( 炁 Qi). The will, and the power to love/hate is lodged in the heart (center cinnabar field), the location of “shen” 神 spirit; when freed from desire, the heart becomes a bright gold aura. Zhuangzi in Ch. 4 confirms that by turning off heart and mind 心齋坐忘 (done by putting Qi and Shen into the lower cinnabar field, and refining or emptying them therein), one is able to awaken the intuitive powers, or “jing”精, a bright white light, aka primordial awareness of Dao Presence 於道合一,於道合真。These three meditations are performed by Daoists who are Grade 5 (wupin五品)and above, during Jiao 醮 ritual meditations of renewal. Qingwei thunder vision 清微雷法is used to purify Qi, shen, and Jing during this contemplative process.


3 thoughts on “contemplating the lower cinnabar field

  1. Thank you very, very much.
    Your posts are really helpful – few words but great wisdom.

  2. Again, I really miss our lunch time tea sessions 🙂

    1. I miss the wonderful days of Aumen, IIUM students and colleagues too, Stanley; hope your wedding plans are coming along well. Cyber meeting is a useful substitute, but not totally as meaningful as face to face conversation over tea, espresso, and “Senate Square” fountains.

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