The Great Daoist Master Zhuang

Daoist Master Zhuang pacing the void in the Jiao Ritual. This footage is 40 years old shot by MIchael Saso in Taiwan.


5 thoughts on “The Great Daoist Master Zhuang

  1. Professor Saso,

    This is indeed a very valuable footage. When was it shot? May I know if you may share more footage with more demonstration of Zhenyi 拜斗科ritual ?

    1. thank you for your kind comments. This recording was made in 1980, I have been back many times of course, the last time was 2 years ago, when I returned to A-Him the recordings I made of his father, Master Zhuang, and his musicians’ performances between 1969-1976. These recordings too are invaluable, from the original Changan late Tang tradition, via Wudangshan in the Ming dynasty, to Tong-an, and Quanzhoum then to Taiwan during the Qianlong to Daoguang reign years. The Tainan and Taipei traditions are different.

  2. Dear Michael,

    Thanks for sharing and excellent video on the ritual and A-Him must have been very pleased to have the set of videos and recordings of his father.Your comment is interesting on Taipei and Tainan rituals being different probably due to different lineage haing different style rituals or maybe Tainan rituals are older?


    1. Thank you for your comments, Matt. The Tainan rituals are complicated, in that Lü Shan rites (with a cloth wrapped around the head) are mixed with Zhengyi rituals, something not allowed in the Zhengyi Citan 正一詞壇 tradition shared with Hsinchu, Gaoxiung, and other more orthodox traditions flourishing in Taiwan . It is hard to say which is “older,” the basic jiao 醮 ritual structure, (宿啟,早朝,午朝,晚朝,道場used in Tainan and Hsinchu, dates to the 5th-6th centuries, as found in the 無傷必要, one of the shared “mijue” or “koujie” 密訣,口訣 being that the morning, noon, and night audiences are combined with inner alchemy, to refine or visualize the Sanqing 三清, as well as the Sanhuang 三皇, with all of the aura-colors proper to each. The Zeng and Shi Daoist clans of Tainan, not as well studied as the Chen family, know this tradition as well. I have found village Daoists in Jiangxi, the Longshan area, who preserve zhengyi as well as Beiji and Qingwei registers, identical to those used by Taiwan’s zhengyi Citan.

  3. Thanks for your reply Michael and I appreciate that each sect will have rituals specific to their sect , I believe that Lu Shan sect split away from Zheng Yi sect around the 13th/14th generation and then rejoined the Zheng Yi sect around 31st generation therfore I suspect that the Tainan rituals may be from the period during the split . I assume by SanHuang above that you mean San Quan Da Di (Heaven,Earth and Water Emperors).
    I have just uploaded a recent video taken in Malaysia performed by a senior Lu Shan priest for your reference. , Regards, Matt

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